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digitalMLPA: Where MLPA Meets NGS for Broad Copy Number Certainty


Uniform coverage for accurate CNV results.



High gene coverage for comprehensive CNV detection.



Six easy steps with minimal hands on time and direct-to-sequencer loading capability.

Our digitalMLPA™ products are for research use only (RUO).

digitalMLPA: unparalleled broad copy number certainty

SALSA® digitalMLPA™ is similar to conventional MLPA, the gold standard for CNV detection of multiple DNA sequences, but with the ability to examine many more targets. digitalMLPA takes the guesswork out of NGS CNV calls by combining the MLPA technology you trust for CNV detection with the large number of targets you have come to expect with NGS. With digitalMLPA, you can examine more targets than with conventional MLPA, with decreased costs and turnaround times.

Our first assay Video: What is digitalMLPA?

DNA helix.

Why digitalMLPA?

digitalMLPA is a new powerful tool to meet your copy number identification needs. Based on the trusted MLPA technology, digitalMLPA aims to make your CNV screening more efficient. With digitalMLPA, you have the capability to obtain reliable CNV data for up to 1000 sequences in a single reaction. The first SALSA digitalMLPA panel, D001 Hereditary Cancer Panel 1, offers gene coverage that exceeds that of ten conventional MLPA assays, thereby streamlining oncogenetic screening.

D001 application highlight

D001 Hereditary Cancer Panel 1 gene cloud.

How does digitalMLPA work?

digitalMLPA is a semi-quantitative technique that is used to determine the relative copy numbers and detect specific (point) mutations. With digitalMLPA, up to 1000 DNA sequences can be detected in a single multiplex PCR-based reaction. digitalMLPA generates PCR amplicons that are quantified using Illumina NGS platforms. Sequencing is used to determine the read numbers of each digitalMLPA probe amplicon.

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Principle of digitalMLPA.

Coffalyser digitalMLPA

Coffalyser digitalMLPA™ is free software developed by MRC Holland for the analysis of digitalMLPA data. Coffalyser digitalMLPA automatically recognises digitalMLPA sequence reads from FASTQ files and directly uses them for analysis. Coffalyser digitalMLPA then outputs two clear reports for every sample of your experiment indicating both the quality of the run and the aberrations found.

Coffalyser digitalMLPA

Coffalyser digitalMLPA.

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