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Learn more about SALSA digitalMLPA

Our new digitalMLPA™ technology is revolutionising large scale copy number variation detection. Learn more about the technique.

MC002 SMA Newborn Screen: study finds 100% sensitivity & specificity on DBS cards of SMA patients

A clinical performance study by Isala and two other labs using SALSA® MC002 SMA Newborn Screen on anonymised dried blood spot (DBS) cards of 47 SMA patients and 375 controls found a 100% diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

Reduced sloping with the new MLPA buffer

Starting March 2019, all shipments of SALSA® MLPA® Reagent Kits will include a modified SALSA MLPA Buffer. There will also be a small change in the storage buffer of the SALSA Ligase-65 enzyme. The new reagents strongly reduce peak pattern sloping that is frequently observed when DNA is extracted with a magnetic beads-based system.

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