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Coffalyser digitalMLPA: Fast and Easy digitalMLPA Data Analysis Software


Full analysis of your digitalMLPA data in one application.



Advanced quality scores for all aspects of your experiment



No bioinformatician or special computing power needed.

Coffalyser digitalMLPA™ is free, user-friendly digitalMLPA analysis software developed and supported by MRC Holland to help you get the most out of your data.

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Coffalyser digitalMLPA is for research use only (RUO).

Advanced quality control

Coffalyser digitalMLPA has an advanced system of quality checks that fully utilizes the large number of probes dedicated to quality control in all digitalMLPA probemixes. The software automatically evaluates many different parameters, from the quality of samples, reactions and sequencing runs to the reliability of the normalisation. This ensures your data is of the highest quality.

Advanced quality control.

Simple data processing steps

Coffalyser digitalMLPA allows you to directly load FASTQ files generated from your sequencing runs. Reads from digitalMLPA reactions are automatically recognised, extracted, and analysed. Data analysis generates PDF reports for every sample in your experiment for easy results visualisation and interpretation. An Excel sheet with all probe ratios in the entire experiment is also generated.

Simple data processing.

Free support

Coffalyser digitalMLPA is fully supported by MRC Holland. We are always happy to answer your questions on how to use the software, and to help you troubleshoot difficult data.

Free support.

Getting started

To get started, agree to our end user license agreement and download Coffalyser digitalMLPA via your free account. For information about how to start with your first analysis, see the user manual. You can also use one of the data demo sets we have available to try out an analysis without having to run an experiment first.

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Getting started with Coffalyser digitalMLPA.
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