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SALSA Sample Stabilising Solution (S4)

Inclusion of the SALSA® Sample Stabilising Solution (S4) in MLPA experiments can improve the quality of the reactions in certain cases. The stabilising solution contains several ingredients that prevent degradation of sample DNA during the initial DNA denaturation treatment, and that prevent degradation of probes and sample DNA during the overnight incubation at 60°C.

The use of S4 may be beneficial when:

  • Results of MLPA experiments show an unusual high variation.
  • Excessive sloping of MLPA peak patterns is observed (see the note below for more information).

SALSA Sample Stabilising Solution (S4) is for research use only (RUO).

More information can be found in the product description.

Catalogue numbers

Item no.
SALSA Sample Stabilising Solution (S4) – 200 rxn – (200 µl)
SALSA Sample Stabilising Solution (S4) – 1000 rxn – (1000 µl)

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Use of S4 against iron-induced sloping is no longer recommended

After the introduction of a modified MLPA Buffer in March 2019, we no longer recommend the use of S4 to counter iron-induced sloping that can occur on DNA samples extracted with magnetic bead-based methods. You can read more information about this in the announcement of the new MLPA Buffer.

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