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SALSA digitalMLPA Barcode Plates

SALSA® digitalMLPA™ barcode plates contain barcode solutions that are used in digitalMLPA reactions. Four different barcode plates are available. Each plate contains 96 barcode solutions, for a total of 384 available barcode solutions.

Barcode plates are for research use only (RUO), and must be used in combination with a digitalMLPA probemix and a digitalMLPA Reagent Kit.

Not all barcode plates are compatible with all digitalMLPA probemixes. For information about which barcode plates are compatible with a specific digitalMLPA probemix, see the product description of the digitalMLPA probemix in question.

For more information, see the product descriptions of the barcode plates and the digitalMLPA General Protocol.

Catalogue numbers

Item no.
SALSA digitalMLPA Barcode Plate 1 (barcode solution 1-96) – 768 rxn – (96×20 µl)
SALSA digitalMLPA Barcode Plate 2 (barcode solution 97-192) – 768 rxn – (96×20 µl)
SALSA digitalMLPA Barcode Plate 3 (barcode solution 193-288) – 768 rxn – (96×20 µl)
SALSA digitalMLPA Barcode Plate 4 (barcode solution 288-384) – 768 rxn – (96×20 µl)

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