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If you are interested in copy number determination of a gene or genomic region for which you cannot find a product, then we recommend taking the three steps below (click on an icon for details):

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Step 2
Step 3

Step 1: Search or browse with our assay finder

Are you sure we do not have a product available already? You can check using our assay finder.

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Step 2: Contact us

Can't find a product suitable product for your application? We recommend contacting us. Our Technical Support team is always happy to help you find the products that best suit your needs. We may already have a closely related product, a restricted product, or a product in development that covers the genes, regions, or application you are interested in.

We do not design and produce custom products for individual customers. However, if we do not have a suitable product then you can make a request for a new product. All suggestions are evaluated by our product developers who may decide to develop a new product.

Read more about the request process.

To evaluate your request, it helps if you include the following information:

  • Information on the medical condition(s) associated with aberrations in the target gene(s) or region(s).
  • The prevalence of copy number changes and point mutations in the condition(s).
  • Any references that may help us evaluate your request.

If we decide to continue with your request, all development costs are paid by MRC Holland. The new product is usually shared with the requesting lab(s) first. Once the product has been proven to be useful, it may be released to all of our customers. In some cases we can keep the developed product exclusive to the requesting lab(s), e.g. until a publication has been accepted. Please ask us about the possibilities.

It is important to note that the development and production of a new product can take a significant amount of time. If we cannot help you or if you cannot wait for us to design a new product, you can consider designing your own conventional MLPA probemix (step 3). It is currently not possible to design a custom digitalMLPA probemix or Melt Assay.

Contact us

Step 3: Design a custom MLPA probemix

If steps one and two do not address your situation, you may consider designing your own custom conventional MLPA probes or probemix. It is currently not possible to design your own custom digitalMLPA or Melt Assay products.

A protocol is available that describes the design of synthetic MLPA probes in detail. In addition, two probemixes with reference probes and control fragments to add your self-designed synthetic probes are available: P300 Reference-2 (recommended for a smaller number of probes) and P200 Reference-1 (recommended for a large number of synthetic probes). Custom probes cannot be ordered from MRC Holland, and must be obtained from an oligonucleotide supplier, such as IDT.

Please note that the probe design process is relatively complicated, and we cannot provide additional support on the design of synthetic MLPA probes.

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