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MRC Holland Foundation: 558 New Classrooms Built in The Gambia in 2023

Feb 05, 2024

In 2023, the MRC Holland Foundation once again took significant steps to support the development of The Gambia's education infrastructure. As you may know, the majority of our company's profit is dedicated to support the Foundation's mission to improve educational facilities in The Gambia. In 2023 alone, the MRC Holland Foundation has completed the construction of 558 new classrooms across the country. Apart from primary and secondary schools, the Foundation has also invested in tertiary education such as technical, agricultural, nursing and teaching colleges and universities. Over 2,500 students from the University of The Gambia and The Gambia College (teacher training) receive a scholarship from the foundation. 

Since 2014, the MRC Holland Foundation has constructed over 3,700 classrooms, accounting for 30 percent of the classrooms in The Gambia. Upon completion, these schools are handed over to the Ministry of Education, with whom we maintain an excellent cooperation.

We are happy to witness the positive impact of these initiatives, as more Gambian children are now able to attend school and continue their education. 

We are enthusiastic and committed to improving the educational infrastructure in The Gambia further in 2024.

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