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ESHG 2024 Posters: Introducing Products in Development

May 27, 2024

Find out what we are working on behind the scenes! MRC Holland will unveil some of the products in our pipeline during the following poster presentations:

  • digitalMLPA: Multiplex NGS-based assays to detect a wide range of structural variants implicated in hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes - showcasing how SALSA® digitalMLPA™ can detect inversions such as the MSH2 exon 2-6 inversion associated with Lynch syndrome. Poster - P01.067.C 
  • Simultaneous copy number and methylation analysis using methylation-specific digitalMLPA in congenital abnormalities and intellectual disability - demonstrating how methylation-specific digitalMLPA allows copy number and methylation status analysis in one reaction to study congenital abnormalities and intellectual disability research. Poster - P13.092.B
  • A novel digitalMLPA carrier screening assay for simultaneous detection of copy number variations and selected point mutations in challenging genomic regions - introducing our comprehensive digitalMLPA carrier screening assay in development, designed to detect targeted CNVs and SNVs in complex genomic regions such as SMN1 and CYP21A2. Poster - P02.057.C
  • Molecular analysis of lactase persistence by melting curve assays - presenting our SALSA® MC001-X1 Lactase Persistence mix, a simple solution to determine lactase persistence variants. Poster - EP15.001

If you missed us at ESHG 2024, contact us at to receive a digital copy of one or more of the posters after the conference.

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