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New version of Coffalyser.Net available

Jul 13, 2021

Coffalyser.Net™, our MLPA® analysis software, has received a major upgrade. At the beginning of June we released a new version of the software and over the course of the month all current Coffalyser.Net license holders were notified of the update. The new version has updated functionality and improved user-friendliness.

Main new features of v.210604.1451

  • Easier detection of unexpected probe signals: the probe counter and colour coding of unexpected signals in various results tabs have been changed.
  • Improved binning of probe signals: easier manual bin set creation and improved visibility of aberrant bins in the binning profile tab.
  • Addition of SeqStudio™ and Promega Spectrum Compact instruments to the capillary electrophoresis device list.
  • Updated default Microsoft SQL Server from 2008 R2 to 2014 SP3. New installations will use the new version by default. Existing installations using the default SQL Server will be upgraded. Custom database servers are not affected. Versions prior to 2014 SP3 are no longer officially supported.
  • Various other improvements and (bug) fixes.
  • For a full list of changes, please consult the release notes.

Note that the overall look and function of the software has remained unchanged.  You will be able to access your data in the new version and organization of your data will remain the same. Make sure you consult the Installation Manual and Reference Manual before updating.

To take advantage of the added benefits and to use the most up-to-date software, download your free copy of Coffalyser.Net as soon as possible.

Download your copy of Coffalyser.Net

Make sure all Microsoft Windows updates have been installed before software installation. We recommend creating new worksheets after installing the new version to benefit from the latest probe(mix) information from MRC Holland. The current license of Coffalyser.Net is valid until 31 August 2021. The software will remain functional until that time. Please install the new version in time. If more time is needed for validation a two month extension is possible by renewing your Coffalyser.Net license.

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