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New version of Coffalyser.Net available (v.220513.1739)

May 24, 2022

We are glad to inform you that we have released a new and improved version of Coffalyser.Net™, our free MLPA® data analysis software.

Main new features of v.220513.1739 as compared to the previous version (v.210604.1451)

  • Addition of the ABI SeqStudio Flex, ABI 3500XL, and Hitachi DS3000 capillary electrophoresis devices, and the GeneTek-500 size marker.
  • Improved size calling in the presence of noise in the size marker channel.
  • Improvements in the clarity and consistency of the display of results, such as:
    • New colours in PDF reports and grids to enhance the visibility of aberrant results.
    • Improved consistency for result display of methylation-specific probes and probes with low signals.
    • Results from mutation-specific probes are consistently displayed as intra ratio percentages instead of final ratios.
  • For more details and a full list of changes, please consult the release notes.

As the look and functioning of the software has remained largely unchanged, we expect that users will be able to make the transition to the new version smoothly. Existing data will be retained, and the organisation of the data will remain the same.

To take advantage of the added benefits and to use the most up-to-date software, download your free copy of Coffalyser.Net as soon as possible.

Download your copy of Coffalyser.Net

Important remarks:

  • To ensure you benefit from all improvements, you need to change your existing capillary electrophoresis devices in the software. More details about the changes and how to re-add or modify your capillary electrophoresis devices.
  • If you are still using Coffalyser.Net v.140721.1958 and have not yet updated to v.210226.1433 (available since May 2021) or v.210604.1451 (available since June 2021), this update will include the changes made in those versions and may require an update of your database server. Read more. Find which version you have installed.
  • Please read the provided installation and reference manuals prior to use and verify that the system requirements are met.
  • It is essential to install the latest Microsoft updates prior to installing this new Coffalyser.Net version.
  • Licenses for Coffalyser.Net v.140721.1958, v.210226.1433 and v.210604.1451 are valid until 30 September 2022. These versions will remain functional until that time. Please install the new version in time.

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