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New Coffalyser digitalMLPA version

Feb 14, 2022

We have released a new version of Coffalyser digitalMLPA™, our digitalMLPA™ analysis software. This update features improvements in the analysis and reporting of results. As the look and function of the software has remained largely unchanged, we expect that existing users will be able to make the transition to the updated version smoothly. 

Coffalyser digitalMLPA is for research use only (RUO).

Main new features of v211020.1245

  • Data processing:
    • An option is included to ignore undefined samples (barcodes) present in the FASTQ file(s) and exclude these from analysis.
    • Inter-normalisation of reference samples and read recognition have been improved to make the analysis more robust.
  • Quality checking:
    • Reference Sample Quality criteria have been updated and new warnings have been added to the Quality table of the reports to call attention to cases in which the quality of the samples or the definition of the experiment is not adequate for proper analysis.
  • Reporting:
    • All the reports have been adjusted to improve clarity and facilitate interpretation of results.

For a full list of changes and bug fixes, please consult the release notes.

Please note that all modules have been adjusted in this upgrade of the software. Small changes in the ratios displayed in the reports are possible, due to optimization of algorithms.

Coffa files (*.Coffa) generated with the previous version of the software are not compatible with this new release. Re-analysis of existing experiments can be done starting from FASTQ files.

To download the new version of the Coffalyser digitalMLPA software package, log in to your MRC Holland account. Download the software package and unpack it in an empty folder. No further installation is required. The previous version of the software can safely be removed or archived elsewhere in case you wish to compare the results obtained with both versions of the software later.

Download your copy of Coffalyser.Net

Please read the provided Coffalyser digitalMLPA User Manual prior to use and verify that the system requirements are met. The system requirements of the new version have changed from the .NET Framework 4.7 to 4.8.

We hope you will enjoy working with this updated version. Contact us if you have any further questions or run into issues with installation.

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