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Introducing SALSA digitalMLPA, the latest innovation from MRC Holland

Nov 02, 2020

SALSA® digitalMLPA™ is a revolution in copy number variation (CNV) detection. digitalMLPA builds off the robust MLPA technology and employs the power of Illumina next generation sequencing platforms for data generation. This new technology offers an impressive scaleup in CNV detection with the inclusion of up to 1000 probes in a single reaction on just 20 ng of DNA. 

All digitalMLPA probes target unique sequences and are extremely specific with the ability to discern sequences based on a single nucleotide difference, making the technique ideal for complex regions. digitalMLPA aims to streamline CNV detection by increasing the scale on which reliable, robust, and low-cost copy number variation determination can be applied.

The technology uses hands-on steps that are very similar to those in conventional MLPA, with the main difference being that data generation is done on an Illumina NGS platform. digitalMLPA products can be loaded directly onto the sequencer, without needing clean up or library quantification. Data analysis is performed using free MRC Holland-developed software: Coffalyser digitalMLPA™. The software is easy to use and produces clear sample reports for simple result interpretation.

The first digitalMLPA product on the market is digitalMLPA probemix D001 Hereditary Cancer Panel 1. This digitalMLPA probemix contains 566 target probes detecting copy number variations in 28 clinically relevant genes associated with hereditary cancers including breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastric, prostate, pancreatic, endometrial, and melanoma. The probemix also detects six specific cancer-predisposing point mutations. D001 is the perfect time-saving complement to NGS sequencing for high-level CNV calling certainty, improving the detection of CNVs in critical cancer genes.

For more information, see our pages about digitalMLPA or the D001 Hereditary Cancer Panel 1 probemix, or read our press release.

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* Necessary reagents: digitalMLPA probemix, digitalMLPA reagent kit, and digitalMLPA barcode plate. Discount valid until 31 January 2021 on 1x [reagents (DRK01-IL); D001 (D001-100R); barcode plate (BP01-IL)]. Offer is valid once per institute.

digitalMLPA is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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